10 Accomplishments in 2010 for Ocean Leader Wallace J Nichols

By February 2, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

There are many ways an Ocean Leader can serve the Ocean. A Leader can work with groups to clean up local beaches; travel to volunteer with research on Sea Turtles, Whales, and/or Sharks; or you can donate money to an organization that you feel is doing some great work in marine conservation. OR you can be like Wallace ‘J’ Nichols and dedicate your life to a number of different movements, organizations, and help numerous species from extinction. J is an extraordinary Ocean Leader because he does it all. In 2010, J was especially busy and he let people know what he did. Here are 10 accomplishments for 2010 by J:

1) Guest Speaker at DePauw University for Commencement

2) Ocean*Rev: Connecting young indigenous leaders to help conserve the Oceans

3) Released 1 million baby Sea Turtles into the Ocean in El Salvador and Indonesia as a part of the Plant a Fish organization headed by Fabien Cousteau, which has the ultimate goal of releasing 1 billion Sea Turtles over the next decade

4) Launched Ocean Voices – a collaboration between music and Ocean Conservation using the power of interactive internet and mobile technology to spread people’s loe of the Ocean around the world

5) The Plastic Pollution Coalition – J helped organize and chairs the Scientific Committee for the organization to spread awareness of the amount of plastic we use and that ends up in the Ocean. The organization provides information on reducing the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives.

6) Working with Students – J worked with international graduate students to design research that was applicable to Ocean conservation objectives

7) Making Movies – J was involved in the making of many Ocean Conservation Documentaries over the past year and attended the Blue Ocean Film Festival

8) Worked on SEEturtles.org – J and colleagues Brad Nahill created SEEturtles.org as a way in which people could volunteer to help conserve Sea Turtles and experience life changing work

9) Blue Marbles – Shared more than 1 million blue marbles with people who are conducting work in Ocean Conservation

10) The Gulf Oil Disaster – J worked with people in the Gulf region in clean up efforts to try to reduce impacts to coastal wetlands and marshes as well as raised awareness through raw footage of the consequences of living in an oil dependent society.

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