10 Ocean-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

By December 17, 2012Ocean Solutions

With the holidays vast approaching, many ocean advocates are at a loss for what to give or receive.  Not wanting to give into the consumerism that the holidays seem to have become, these awesome websites and companies give ocean and/or eco-friendly alternatives to products for the whole family!

1. Speak Up For Blue has teamed up with envirosurfer, a website whose products are all Ocean-friendly and environmentally sustainable. Envirosurfer has designed its business to help the Ocean by selling products are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable with a wide selection of surf gear and surf style clothing for everyone. On top of that, Envirosurfer donates a portion of every sale made to 1% for the planet, a global community of businesses that donate a portion of their profits to environmental organizations.

UBB_photo12. Every product sold on United By Blue removes one pound of trash from our waterways!  That’s right, not just every transaction, but every product sold!  This is a B certified company that believes every business should be leaders in environmental issues.  They don’t even allow single use plastics bottles in their offices because that’s the bulk of the trash they remove from the waters.  They offer a wide selection of ocean and nautically themed clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

ethical ocean3. Ethical Ocean is a free membership website that specializes in earth friendly, people friendly, and animal friendly products.  With a description under each product on why it is good for the earth, good for people, and or good for animals you can be assured that you are buying something that supports a good cause.  There’s something for everyone on this site but it does take a little time to navigate and find what you want at the price you are willing to pay for it.  Check out these hand made jewelry pieces made from re-purposed glass found in landfills!

4. Ever want to “own” your own part of the ocean?  Well now you can!  The ocean registry allows you to browse different areas of the ocean, and if no one has claimed it, designates it as your own part, kind of like adopt an animal program.  Once you have ocean registrychosen your GPS location and registered, they will send you a certificate, with the exact coordinates of your own piece of the ocean!  Not only is this a fun idea for any ocean lover, 50% of their proceeds are donated to non-profits working to conserve the ocean!

ecotile35. Eco Sea Tile offers a growing selection of beautiful tile alternatives made from over 50% recycled pre-consumer waste, meeting LEED standards for recycled building products.  With a small selection of items, it may not be for everyone but is a truly unique gift made from discarded shells from seafood processing and jewelry making plants.  Instead of wasting these excess shell pieces, this company transforms them into tile comparable in style to granite.  They also have small gifts and home furnishings such as customizable coasters, switch/outlet covers, drawer knobs, wine stoppers and paperweights.

greenkidcrafts6. Lets face it, craft supplies aren’t always the most eco-friendly products and those that are can be very hard to find or expensive for parents.  Green Kid Crafts offers a monthly membership, delivering a small discovery box made up of three earth friendly kids crafts right to your front door! Another member of 1% for the planet, green kid crafts wants to help kids ‘enhance their creativity, boost their confidence, and engage with nature’ while taking the stress off parents to find the perfect eco-friendly crafts.

ReChusable17. From Tim Silverwood, an active ocean conservationist working to reduce the amount of plastic waste worldwide comes ReChuseable; a wide selection of re-useable plastic alternatives for every day life.  From water bottles to bamboo cutlery, produce bags and regular shopping bags you can severely reduce your plastic use by incorporating any of these products into your life.

membership to nature8. Membership to Nature
Why not get that ocean lover in your family a membership/yearly pass to a local aquarium, nature center, state/national park, Zoo, or something similar?  This will help to support your local organizations while also supporting a good cause.  It’s a great way to get out of your house and actually experience the world around you!  Can you believe this picture was taken at a state park in Florida???? Get out and explore places you never knew existed!

9. Support your Favorite Non Profit
National_Aquarium.Child.dolphinConsider shopping at you or your giftee’s favorite non-profit organizations store.  This way you can determine where your money is going to and know that you are supporting an organization that most likely needs your help. Aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries, conservancies and the like all need your help to keep promoting their message, and caring for those animals you love to go see!

10. Make a Donation1c-leatherback-sea-turtle
If your ocean lover really does not like receiving gifts or they already have too many material things, why not make a donation in their name to an organization or cause they support?  Everyone wins and you won’t feel bad showing up”empty handed.”

There are many other websites that work towards achieving environmentally friendly goals out there.  If none of these ideas seem right for you, try a search on eco or ocean friendly gifts.  A few more to check out are Earth Lovers Shopping , Ecolissa, and Fashioning Change.  Companies are trying to do good for their environment and the people around them. With more support it would help send a message to the bigger companies to become more environmentally and earth friendly.  This holiday season, rethink driving to the mall and check out some of these websites or gift ideas first, you may just find that perfect gift!

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