3 Ways to Save the Oceans

By January 31, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean Solutions

Speak Up for the Blue is about empowering people to spread Ocean Awareness through education on how to save the Oceans! Here are three tips on how you can save the Oceans:

1) Be a Smart Consumer – There is a reason why over-fishing is a problem, people keep eating fish. Not just a couple of people are eating fish, everyone is eating fish. Seafood doesn’t just include fish, it includes lobster, shrimp, crabs, mussels, clams, ousters, etc. We as consumers constantly buy seafood without knowing from where they came and how they were caught. There are numerous restaurants serving seafood that do not even know from which Ocean they were caught. Well there is now a way that you, the Consumer, can make more informed choices on the seafood you purchase. Check out the Seafood Watch program from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Program informs consumers on the status of each fish, which fishes to avoid, and which fishes would be good alternatives to eat. I downloaded the iPhone app for Seafood Watch and use it every time I go purchase seafood at the grocery store, market, or restaurant. I highly suggest you download it. There is also a new function where users can add Ocean Friendly restaurants in the Seafood Watch database for reference of other users in your area.

2) Reduce Your Waste – Water pollution is a huge problem around the world. Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans around the world are being polluted. It’s a huge epidemic. Where does the waste come from? Us. You. Me. Everyone. We use many wasteful products in our daily routine from plastics to pharmaceuticals. Things we flush down the toilet (more than #1, #2, and toilet paper). You need to be aware that what you flush down the toilet will end up in Rivers, Lakes, and then the Oceans.

3) Get Involved – The best way to help the Oceans is get involved in anyway you can. You can donate to organizations that conserve Oceans, their species, and their habitats. You can also help organizations with their research by participating in volunteer programs. Some programs are local and ask people to to help them with a local restoration project or an education program. Other programs are international and make arrangements for volunteers to travel to various destinations and participate in research programs.

These three tips will help reduce your impact on the Oceans. Learn them, Tell other People about them, and SAVE THE OCEANS!

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