3 Ways You can Shape Ocean Policy

By February 4, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean Solutions

Amy (aka Bluegrass Blue Crab) posted a great article on the Southern Fried Science Blog on Tuesday about how individuals can shape Ocean policy by getting involved in the political process. A democratic society has tools in place for the people to participate in the laws that are created. Remember politicians are elected by you and your peers and they answer to you! I used to think individuals would just vote to elect someone and they would do their thing in government and then I would elect again when it was time. I never followed the person I elected very much. It doesn’t really matter who you follow, it’s what issue you follow and finding how how you can participate. Amy does a great job to breakdown how individuals can get involved in the policy process.

1) Participatory Research helps individuals gain local knowledge on the Ocean and establishes a connection and sense of ownership;

2) Community Buy-in helps individuals understand the policy being created as it is based on local knowledge and addresses the needs of the community; and,

3) Feedback Loops help individuals and communities refine policies based on experiences and experimentation.

Read Amy’s post for more detail on this great topic. The major take-home message is to find out how you can participate on an issue in your municipality, state/province, and country and do’t forget to Speak Up for the Blue!

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