A Voyage for a Sustainable Earth

By January 19, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News

The Hokule’a Worldwide Voyage is a collective of traditional Hawaiian voyagers which set sail around the world to bring about awareness of causes important to the voyagers. Over the next eight years, the Hokule’a will sail the Oceans for a more sustainable Earth. They will bring together scientists, educators, policy makers, business leaders, and concerned citizens within the Islands of Hawai’i to create a more sustainable environment and act as a model to the rest of the world.

Below is there mission:


The mission of the Worldwide Voyage is to navigate toward a healthy and sustainable future for ourselves, our home – the Hawaiian Islands – and our Island Earth through voyaging and new ways of learning.

Our core message is to mālama (care for) Island Earth – our natural environment, children and all humankind.

The Hokule’a has garnered international recognition for their efforts by teaching students from the United States Institute of the Environment (USIE) about their ways and their mission.

Training of the crew began in 2009 and last year (2010) the Hokule’a was in dry fry dock being prepared for the long journey. This year (2011), the Hokule’a and crew will set sail on a year-long statewide trip visiting 42 ports and school communities. In 2012, the canoe will embark on a three-year global voyage and visit 45 ports along they way. On their return to Hawai’i, the crew will revisit the state schools to tell them about their adventures and knowledge they gained on their global voyage.

You can follow the Hokule’a on their voyage via twitter (@HokuleaWWV) for updates. You can also visit their website here.

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