Addressing Comments from Marine Conservation Careers and Hurricane Harvey Episodes

Marine Conservation Careers


Marine Conservation Careers seems to be on your mind as we covered it on a couple of episodes over the past week. Last Friday, we heard from 3 generations of Marine Conservationists on the challenges we faced in our career. It wasn’t meant to scare you. It was meant to prepare you for the future (if you want a marine conservation career). 

I address some comments that I received on the episode from last week and build on what I hope will be a more inspiring message. 

I also discuss some comments I received from our Facebook Group on last episode where I covered how Climate Change made Hurricane Harvey worse.

Marine Conservation Career Episodes Where I Go Into More Detail On Building Your Career
1) Choosing You Marine Conservation Career
2) How to Become an Influencer for Your Marine Conservation Career
3) How To Volunteer to Get Experience in Marine Conservation
4) 5 Important Strategies to Implement When You Search for a Marine Conservation Job
5) How To Write A Cover Letter for a Marine Conservation Job
6) Writing a Resume to get a Marine Conservation Job
7) Preparing for the Interview for a Marine Conservation Job
8) Options for Your Marine Conservation Career
9) 3 Reasons to Attend a Marine Conservation Conference  

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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