Advocacy: How Far Do We Go To Protect the Ocean

By August 17, 2011 Interviews
Conserving Oceans through Advocacy

I was recently made aware of an article, by my colleague and Speak Up for Blue Ocean Leader Arlo Hemphill (Wildlife Advocate and Science Communicator), of a climate change advocate Tim DeChristopher who decided to protest the leasing of forested Federal Land in Utah, U.S.A. (that was going to be leased to oil and gas companies) by bidding on several leasing bids totalling $1.7 million USD. He won the bids, but didn’t have the money to pay, so he was arrested. He was recently found guilty.

His punishement was so severe it prompted me to contact Arlo and dicuss Advocacy and how far people are willing to go to protect their Oceans. In the discussion, we dicuss the impact different groups have on protecting our environment. We discuss groups such as the Sea Shepard Conservation Society and their efforts to stop Whaling in the South Pacific Ocean; Greenpeace and their intimidation factor on businesses that are now willing to work with other environmental groups such as Conservation International, the Nature Conservancy, and World Wildlife Fund. We discuss more throughout our chat and come to a very significant conclusion.

Watch the 1st of 5 part video of our discussion (The audio version and podcast is coming soon once I figure out how to create a podcast on iTunes).

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  • Tui Allen says:

    Tim is a hero in my mind. The US govt is obviously at fault and inflexible here. Bush has caused far more problems than Tim. He should also be accountable and have a much longer jail sentence and fine that Tim got. I feel for Andrew too when he says the Canadian govt embarrassed its people on environmental issues. It is happening here in New Zealand where I live too. It makes you feel so vulnerable where the environment can be put at risk by the wave of a politician’s hand. Our politicians here are trying to allow oilcos at our beautiful coastline. People are fighting back and breaking laws as Tim did. The politicians have given them no choice. WE NEED NEW LAWS! Laws to protect the environment. Laws no politician can break any more than they are allowed to commit murder. How do we achieve this? I also believe that financial institutions have a huge role to play. Tim might enjoy going into a so-called ‘green’ bank and posing as an energy investor to see if they actually suggest any RENEWABLE energy options.

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