Photo Courtesy of National Geographic

A veteran field producer and cinematographer, Andy B. Casagrande’s passion for wildlife, as well as his experience as a naturalist and documentary filmmaker, have taken him around the world to capture the behavior of some of the planet’s most fascinating creatures and fiercest predators. Andy risks everything to get the shot, including swimming among sharks, going face to face with king cobras, and hanging out of helicopters.
For National Geographic Channel’s Great Migrations series, Andy was instrumental in telling the compelling stories of the zebra and the great white shark migrations.
His outstanding work can be seen in numerous National Geographic Television programs and series including Africa’s Lost Eden, Superpride, Hunter & Hunted, Planet Carnivore, Explorer: Ultimate Shark, Serpent King, Darwin’s Secret Islands, and many more.
Journey alongside this intrepid cinematographer as he shares the stories behind recording some of nature’s greatest events.

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