Animal Rights Groups Sue US Government Over Right Whale Deaths, How To Get Over Conservation Exhaustion and Is Single Use Plastic Done

Animal Rights Group Sues US Government Over Atlantic Right Whale Deaths


Animal-Rights Groups Sue US Government Over Atlantic Right Whale Deaths

The US Humane Society, Centre for Biodiversity and the Defenders of Wildlife are part of a group of Non-Governmental Organization that are suing the US Government’s National Marine Fisheries Service, NMFS (part of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association, NOAA) over the deaths of Atlantic Right Whales that occurred this past summer. It is estimated that 4% of the Endangered Whales died (total 450 individuals left) last summer in Canada and the US.

In Canada, a number of whales died in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Most of the animals died due to ship strike, which caused Fisheries and Oceans Canada to lower the speed of ships during the whale season. Ships complied and companies are working with scientists and conservationists to come up with solutions for the future.

In the US, the whale deaths were mainly due to fish gear entanglement. NMFS is in charge of regulating fish gear, in particular, lobster gear, the gear that is causing many of the entanglement problems (according to the lawsuit). The lawsuit does not seek monetary punitive damages; however, it is seeking action.

How To Get Over Conservation Exhaustion

Conservation exhaustion is something that everyone in the conservation field goes through at some point in time. Conservationists are always working with major negative issues that need to be solved immediately and we all know that the public is not always ready to change for the environment. The lack of willingness to change can send anyone over the edge. There are two things that I do to get over Conservations Exhaustion:

1) I seek out projects that communicate conservation optimism to show me evidence that there are people all over the world that are winning the battle against Ocean Issues and are working to live for a better Oceans. Those projects and people inspire me to continue battling to protect the Ocean; and,

2) I take a break every once and a while What I mean by that, I have a hobby outside of conservation. I enjoy Crossfit and workout with a number of different people who provide great support. It makes me a better person. Of course, my family also supports me in everything I do inside and outside of conservation. They make me a better person all around and inspire me to continue to work to protect the Oceans.

These are two things that help me make the decision to better protect the Ocean. What helps you get over your Conservation Exhaustion? Comment below!

Is This The End Of Single Use Plastic?

A recent article on asked the question whether single use plastic is at its end. There are numerous movements happening all around the world to either ban some type of single use plastic such as plastic bags or plastic straws as they are most commonly found items in plastic pollution in the Ocean. The article names some of the recent successes in the movement against plastic pollution including Seattle’s work to eliminate 2 million plastic straws and the UK imposing a tax on single use plastic bags.

The article also discusses local movements of which they were not aware, such as the local pizzeria did not give out straws automatically and when the customer requested a straw they would receive an eco-friendly one.

What are some local movements to reduce or ban single use plastics in your area? Comment below!

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