Antartica Melting Some More, Orcas Stalking Fisherman and Heat Relief For Corals Globally

By June 21, 2017 June 23rd, 2017 Speak Up For Blue Podcast
Antarctica Orcas Corals El Nino


Climate Change is rearing its ugly head as one of its consequences is the rapid heating of the Antarctic Ice Sheets turning them to slush. El Nino changed the wind patterns of the continent so that they could not keep the ice sheets cool as warm water moved in along the coastline. There is a 300,000 square mile slush pile that used to be ice. I discuss what that could mean for our ocean in the future.

I also discuss how Orcas are stalking fishing boats in Alaska stealing 10,000 s of pounds of fish and wasting fuel as the fishing boats try to lose the orcas in a chase for who gets the fish.

Finally, I talk about some heat relief for the global coral reef habitats of the Oceans. How will they be able to heal before the net El Nino event?

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