Apparel Company Wants To Create Shirts From Recycled Plastic; Increase Ethnic Diversity To Increase Conservation.

By May 25, 2018 Ocean Talk
Sand Cloud Recycled Plastic Apparel


It’s Ocean Talk Friday where I record live in the Facebook Fan Page and Group so that people can take part in Speaking Up For Oceans. On today’s episode, I talk about the following articles:

1) Sand Cloud, an apparel company, wants to create shirts out of recycled plastic, is that a good thing?; and,

2) We need to increase diversity within the Marine Science and Conservation field to increase the effectiveness of conservation actions.

I was very happy that Abby Roberts was able to give us some great information on textiles and the way shirts breakdown. She also gave us some great information on how consumers respond to different materials for their apparel.

Enjoy The Podcast!!!

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