Arctic Ocean Exploration by an All Female Team of Experts (SUFB 181)

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Susan R. Eaton is leading a 12 person, all female team of explorer’s, divers, and researchers on the SEDNA epic Expedition to explore the Arctic Ocean and show people what the Arctic Ocean is all about

Arctic Ocean animals such as the Polar Bear, Beluga whale, Narwhal whale and the Bowhead whale are some of the iconic species that are at high risk of being affected by Climate Change. These animals and their habitats are the exact reason why Susan R. Eaton, who was named one of Canada’s top 25 Greatest Canadian Explorers  by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, is leading an expedition of 12 women to the Arctic Ocean, called the SEDNA Epic Expedition.

The team plans to SCUBA dive and Snorkel its was through the Northwest Passage documenting their trip and interactions with animals at every point. They also plan to do a 3000 km snorkel all the way through the passage, 24/7 to complete a world record.

During their travels, the all women team plans to engage with the local Inuit and Inuvialuit communities and bring 12 girls on board with them to participate in the expedition learning how you snorkel, SCUBA and handle the remote operated vehicles (ROV) they will use to explore the habitats of the Arctic Ocean.

Listen to the episode to find out why Susan chose an all female team to go on the epic journey with her and find out how she became a full time snorkeler, and prefers it for her interactions with ocean animals.


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