Are Celebrities Good Advocates for the Ocean?; Rick Perry: The Climate Change Denier; and, Feeding Sea Lions is a Bad Idea

Celebrities Ocean Advocates Rick Perry Climate Change Sea Lions


Do you think Celebrities should be Advocates for the Ocean? The question came up off of a story I wrote about involving a woman celebrity being objectified while doing a documentary to raise awareness for sharks.

In other News:

Rick Perry went before a US Senate Committee to discuss energy and climate change. Senator Al Franken asked Perry about his thoughts on Climate Change to which Perry replied that there was nothing wrong with being a skeptic. I take the time to discuss one of the points Perry brings up where Franken describes as “you just described the scientific process.”

Also in the News:

Videos have been popping up showing sea lions jumping on the dive platforms of moving recreational fishing boats in Mexico. It’s become quite the tourist attraction. The sea lions do this because they get fed. There are so many things wrong with this “attraction” that I dedicated a portion of the show to describe the dangers to humans and the sea lions.

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