Be at One with the Oceans: SCUBA Dive

By January 21, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

Growing up I dreamt of getting a first hand look at the animals under the sea through SCUBA diving. I used to think I would be able to swim with the dolphins while SCUBA diving. As I grew older and began to dive, I came to the realization that whales, dolphins, and seals were not the only interesting things under the sea. Invertebrates such as crabs, lobsters, shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, octopi, and corals became my obsession. I could use an entire SCUBA tank floating over a crab and following him around the sand, or in and out of a seagrass meadow, or staring back at me with his claws up in the air warning me to keep my distance, which I always do. I feel connected to this amazing underwater environment. SCUBA diving provides a more intimate connection to the Ocean as opposed to watching Ocean programs on television. Diving gives divers more freedom and time to explore a portion of the Ocean at a time.

Photo Credit: Daquella Manera

SCUBA diving allows the diver to connect with the underwater habitat surrounding her/him. The diver realizes he/she is not always in control and becomes a spectator to an environment of wonder and mystery. I recommend anyone and everyone to SCUBA dive once in their lifetime. The connection you make with the diving environment will make you rethink the way the Ocean world works.

Current Ocean Leaders such as the Cousteaus, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Wallace ‘J’ Nichols, Terry Lilley, and others SCUBA dive and record video to share the connection that they feel with the Ocean while diving. Many divers learn to take pictures with high resolution cameras and video cameras so that they can remember their special undersea moments. Videos and pictures are a great way to convey a message to audiences that would like to learn more about the Oceans. Ocean Leaders who dive can take advantage of using underwater video and photography to communicate their messages. It is also a great way to feel more connected to the Oceans.

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