Beaches are a place where everyone goes to have a great time. Beaches and Fun are a team, you can’t have one without the other. And sooooooo many people use them. The problem is that many people use them but do not take care of them. They leave their trash on the beach, which not only makes the beach disgusting, but the trash will eventually end up in the Ocean where it can harm Ocean Animals like Sea Turtles, Sharks, Dolphins, Seals, Whales, Fish, and Seabirds.

Some people think that because beaches are usually public, then they will be looked after by some organization like government departments or a non-profit organization. So the trash that they leave at the beach will be cleaned up by someone else. But many people are sick of this thought process and realize that it is up to all of us as a species to take care of the Ocean Environment including beaches.

Beaches need to be cleaned up…it’s pretty simple: grab a garbage bag and some gloves and pick up the trash at your beach closest to you or even one you are visiting and pick up the beach trash. You will probably save the life of an animal and you will set an example to others who are using the beach…like a true Speak Up For Blue Ocean Leader.

So, if you want to clean a beach near you here is an ever growing list of organization or groups that clean up beaches to which you can join when you are in the area (If you know of a place that does beach clean ups and they are not listed here, then let us know here and we will add them to the list:


Organization/GroupPlaceWebsite Link/Contact Information
Great Canadian Shoreline Clean UpAcross Canada
Justin Rudd’s 30-minute Beach Clean UpLong Beach, California, USA
California Coastal Cleanup DayCalifornia, USA
The Grassroots Garbage Bag GangSouthwest Washington State, USA
Marine Conservation SocietyUnited Kingdom
Blouberg Beach Clean UpSouth Africa
Surfrider San Diego Beach Clean UpsSan Diego, California, USA
One World One Ocean Beach Clean UpLaguna Beach, California, USA
Save Our BeachLong Beach, California, USA
Heal The BaySanta Monica, California, USA
Keep Austin BeautifulAustin, Texas, USA
TrashFestNew Braunfels, Texas, USA