Studying Blue Whales and Ocean Optimism with Asha DeVos

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This interview with Asha DeVos will show you that with passion and persistence, you can do anything you want.

Interview Wednesday’s continues with the International Marine Conservation Congress Series where I had the chance to interview a number of people who are involved in Marine Science and Conservation.

We had the chance to interview Dr. Asha DeVos from Sri Lanka for a second time at the conference to tell her story of how she became a Marine Biologist; what she thinks of the field; and, how she thinks people should approach getting into the field of Marine Conservation. All in all this was a great interview.

Not just because it was our 200th episode (thanks for listening by the way); not just because Asha is an amazing person to interview because of her story, her optimistic attitude, and her outgoing personality; but, because this interview was a collaborative effort between Speak Up For Blue and the IMCCs Ocean Optimism Team Marriane Teoh and Liza Hoos.

Ocean Optimism (#OceanOptimism) is an initiative that started from IMCC 3 in Scotland where members decided that they wanted to focus on communicating more positive stories to show that there is still hope for the Ocean and focus less on the “doom and gloom” style of communication because the public can’t handle it after a while.

Marianne and I worked together at the conference to interview a few guests together to maximize time and get the guests to discuss different stories about their experiences including the negative and the positive.

The interview was conducted by Speak Up For Blue’s Nathan Johnson and Marianne Teoh to get Asha’s story out there in the podcast world. I was conducting a workshop during this time at the conference so I put my trust in these great people who did an amazing job!

Asha is an inspiration to all Marine Conservationists and is educating people to build a Marine Conservation literacy to live for a better ocean (sound familiar? Hint: it’s what we are trying to do here at Speak Up For Blue!).

Listen to Dr. Asha DeVos talk about her career, her Ocean Optimism, and how she thinks we can be more effective in Marine Conservation.

Do you want to talk about how you can pursue a career in Marine Conservation? Send me an email and let’s chat.

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