Boat Runs Aground, Ruins Coral Reef, and other crazy stuff

By May 8, 2013 Ocean News

Normally, I share a story with you Ocean Leaders that involves something positive or something cool that happened in the Ocean…but today is different…today’s story is one of epic failure by some guys who did a lot of bad things.

I hate to say this but ships run aground around the world quite frequently…more than you think. There are multiple reasons for running aground like dense fog or depth sounders that tell the crew how deep the water is below the ship malfunction.

But it seems that buffoonery is responsible more often then you would think. first i want to define buffoonery. It’s kind of a very word that defines idiot and not fit for society all in the same word. It’s a bit of a silly word, but the other words I came up with involves curse words and I wanted to keep it PG.

Examples of some ship grounding/buffoon related stories are of a drunk captain who loses his/her sense of direction or some times it’s a captain of a cruise ship that wants to say hello to his fiancĂ©, who is standing on shore so he brings the ship just a bit too close, runs the boat aground on a reef destroying part of the reef and killing about 14 people in the meantime…yes my fellow ocean leaders this did actually happen…I couldn’t make this up if I tried…

And to continue on with some more buffoonery, I take you to a recent incident where a ship ran aground on a coral reef in the Philippines. To make matters worse, this coral reef was not just a regular reef, but one that was located in a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site…yes people it was a protected area.

An area that was deemed sensitive and important enough to protected from human harm…oh but the buffoonery doesn’t stop there…oh no.

The vessel was from China and was apparently sailing in Philippine waters without permission in a marine protected area and then ran aground…

When officials boarded the vessel to conduct their investigation, what did they find??? None other than 10,000 kg of meat from a protected species named the pangolin and/or the scaly anteater!!! Just utter buffoonery!

So this ship was sailing in country wasters where they shouldn’t be in a protected area, ran aground destroying part of the reef in said protected area and were transporting illegal meat from 2 protected species of anteaters.

Now you are probably saying that that is enough buffoonery for one day…but alas my friends there is just one more example of buffoonery left in this story…

To top things off the 12 crew members are being slapped with a number of charges which also include….you ready…you ready…bribery!!!

So the crew, knowing that they are in deep trouble for sailing in illegal waters, in a protected area, destroying a coral reef by running into it, transporting the meat of two protected species…and they decided to say, things are going so well for us so far that we will offer these nice people who seemed to be a little angry a bit of money so we can be on our way!!!

Ladies and gentlemen this is the ultimate case of buffoonery that I have ever seen!

I would like to congratulate the Philopino officials for charging these buffoons for their crimes and I hope, god I hope that they will be fined and jailed to the fullest extent of the law for their buffoonery!

Well, that is your Ocean Conservation News story for today. I wish I said some fascinating news, but I had to tell you about this story because it was so unbelievable.

This brings me to the part of the video where I ask you the question of the day which is:

What do you think the penalty should be for these buffoons and what punishment do you think they will get.

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  • Jeff van der Hulst says:

    Don’t be surprised if they were planning to do some long lining on the way home to catch some sharks…these were all poachers and harsher punishment should be given.

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