Borrowing Yachts for Ocean Conservation

By May 3, 2011 Interviews

Imagine sailing on 50-foot yatchs to small Pacific Islands to conduct marine conservation and help educate small island communities on more sustainable living in the Ocean and on Land. Chris Bone, CEO of OceansWatch, does this for a living. He uses is eco-friendly savvy and his connections through his company Pacific Yacht Deliveries to encourage yatchies to lend him their boats for 2-6 weeks so he can conduct marine conservation with small islands. Is it hard to believe the yatchies will just lend them their boats? Well, believe it or not, OceansWatch is growing at a phenomenal rate due to the amounts of yatch time being donated to the organization.

Find out how Chris came up with the idea and how he helps islands communities in the video below:


Fastest Growing Marine Conservation Organization: OceansWatch from Andrew Lewin on Vimeo.

Check out OceansWatch’s website for information on how you can work with this wonderful organization. Also, sign up for their newsletter for volunteer alerts and updates on their progress for each project.

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