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By September 26, 2016 Speak Up For Blue Podcast

Speak Up For Blue Podcast

I decided to switch up the intro a bit. I hope you like it!

This show has grown immensely over the past month and a half. Ever since I attended the International Marine Conservation Congress and this podcast got accepted on iHeart Radio. The growth has come with many benefits.

1) The growth of this community: I can only measure by downloads to see how the podcast has grown. Since August, the podcast has doubled in daily downloads and sometimes tripled. I am quite excited about this as this is one part of the community growth: reach more people!

2) The interaction with you and the rest of the Speak Up For Blue Community: Over the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve asked you to schedule a call with me to find out how you can pursue a career in Marine Conservation. And many of you responded. This response has gotten me crazy excited!!! I actually get to chat with anyone who wants to chat with me about the Ocean. It’s the true community feel.

When people start a podcast, they want to get as many people to listen to it as possible. However, the true measure of building a community is the interaction you get from your audience. And this is what I am glad to say is starting to come to fruition. I want to continue to build that community and you can help.

Email me to chat about the Ocean and the ways that we can reduce our impact on the Ocean

Are you ready to pivot to a more meaningful career? 

Do you want to talk about how you can pursue a career in Marine Conservation? Send me an email and let’s chat.

Because I want to talk to you!


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