Building the Speak Up For Blue Community in 2017


Kicking off 2017 with telling you the plan for Speak Up For Blue to build our Community.

Happy New Year!!! I thought I would kick off 2017 with letting you know what I have planned for Speak Up For Blue. I am super excited about this year because this is the year I plan on moving away from my full time job to dedicating my full time on Speak Up For Blue.

My main goal is to continue to build a strong Marine Science and Conservation Community with you and the other audience members.

Last year we discussed at length how grassroots movements will be the key to moving forward in conserving the ocean in 2017, especially when facing government administrations that do not put protecting the environment at the top of their list. A strong online community that has rational science-based discussions to advance ocean conservation will be important in 2017 and beyond. Does this mean that I am only searching for scientists to join the community? Absolutely not!!! You know me better than that!!!

I am searching for you to join the community. It costs nothing more than the time you are already putting in to listening to this podcast. Keep listening to the podcast all this year and you won’t miss out on any of the new and exciting things happening at Speak Up For Blue (including relaunching our You Tube Channel: Speak Up For Blue TV).

Enjoy the podcast!

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Enjoy The Podcast!

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