SUFB 148: Can The Ocean Really Be Cleaned Up?


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Ocean Clean UP!

There are two projects out there that the mainstream media is riding the wave right now and it’s claiming that their projects are going to save us form our own wasteful ways. One of the projects is called the Ocean Clean Up Project started by Boyan Slant, a 19-year old boy who says he can clean up the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre in less than 10 years. The other project is called the Seabin and it could help clean up small areas along the shore; however, the media is saying that it could clean up the Ocean (according to the headline anyway).

There has been some criticism from Scientists (as we scientists do) of the Ocean Clean Up Project, where they point out flaws in the design and environmental and legal consequences of the structure.

The Seabin looks like it can clean up small areas such as marinas or coasts, but there would have to be many Seabins purchased to do a mare clean up of the coast along any shoreline.

In this episode, I chat about the problem of plastic pollution; I describe the two projects; and, I mention some poplar ways you can save the environment for itself.

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