Canadian Sharks

By February 2, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News

David Shiffman, aka WhySharksMatter, of the Southern Fried Science Blog interviews Aurelie Godin from Dalhousie University about shark management in Canada. Aurelie speaks about the number of sharks found along Canada’s 3 coasts Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic. She also speaks about the dockside monitoring programs in Canada where scientists observe shark catches as the boats come to the dock. She speaks about how there are no sharks on the Species At Risk list in Canada.

David asks the popular question of shark finning and Canada’s policy. Canada has a 5% rule which states that a fisherman cannot fin a shark without bringing the fins AND the body back to the dock. You may not think this as a great law, but it think it is a step in the right direction. The weight and size of the shark’s body will take up space on the fishing boat, which will only allow the fishermen to collect a certain amount of fins. It reduces the capacity of the fishermen to hold fins in their boat. Check out the interview below.

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