Captive Whales No More: The Rise of Sea-Side Whale Sanctuaries (SUFB 190)

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Dr. Naomi Rose visits to podcast at IMCC4 to gove us the lowdown on Whale Sea-Side Sanctuaries designed for retiring captive whales.

Whale captivity has been a debated issue since the first orca was captured off the coast of Washington State; however, efforts to free wild caught and captive-bred orcas, belugas and dolphins have not been discussed in great detail…until this year.

Blackfish, a documentary film describing the multitude of problems Orcas face in captivity and the dangers it poses to humans, was a key catalyst in firing up the concept of releasing captive whales into Sea side Sanctuaries, but as of September 2015, the thought of Whale Sanctuaries was way in the distance. It wasn’t until March of 2016 when the Conservation community truly thought that Whale Sanctuaries could be real. That was the time when Sea World stunned both the conservation community and the captive community when it said it would halt the breeding program in all of its facilities!

The announcement meant that there would not be another new orca added to Sea World systems again. YAY!!!

So what will happen to the orcas currently living in Sea World? According to Sea World, nothing…

The public has another idea and want to see orcas and other marine mammals retired to the sea. In fact, a company called Munchkin, had an owner who was against whale captivity. So much so, that he decided to provide the seed funding for a Whale Sea-Side Sanctuary for captive orcas.

Naomi Rose, who is a marine mammal biologist expert at the Animal Welfare Institute, returned to the podcast to give us the details on the propose Whale Sea-Side Sanctuary. If you want to know how the sanctuary will work, Listen.To.This.Episode!


Links To Resources Discussed in This Podcast

  • Sponsor of the Sea-Side Whale Factory: Munchkin
  • The Blackfish Movie
  • And Naomi Rose’s work can be found here at the Animal Welfare Institute


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