20,000 people stung by bluebottle jellyfish

Jellyfish Armada Sting Over 20K People In Australia

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Over 5000 people were treated for stings from an armada of bluebottle jellyfish last weekend along the Gold and Sunshine Coasts in Queensland, Australia. This totals over 22,000 people stung in the past 5 weeks by the jellyfish colonies. The average number of people treated for jellyfish stings is between 25,000 and 45,000…for all of Australia!!!

Authorities say they have never seen anything like these numbers in the past. Last year during the same 5 week period, just over 6,000 people were treated for stings.

Take a listen to find out why these jellyfish are being washed up on the beaches and what you can do to prevent getting stung.

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