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How Canada Can Prevent Oil Spills

What Canada Needs To Do For Oil Management With Sigrid Kuehnemund

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Sigrid Kuehnemund, VP of Oceans at WWF Canada, joins me on the podcast today to provide more information on how an oil spill off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador happened.

During the interview, Sigrid points out that the spill could have been caused by the way the regulations are laid out. Sigrid, through WWF, are advocating to the government-industry partnership to include them in the conversation as well as make the regulations better.

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Politicians Ignoring Science: A Shark Culling Example

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Sharks in Western Australia (WA) are a hot topic over the web, especially on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are numerous petitions going around trying to save the sharks in this part of the world…and it’s not for finning…it’s to protect them from being killed by Australian government contractors because, apparently, they pose a threat to humans…a less than 1% chance of attacking humans.

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Beaches for Tourists

4 Beach Cleaning Tips to Protect the Oceans

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Like so many bird species, humans flock to warmer areas once the cold proves too much to handle. Some of the most popular spots to vacation during the winter are beaches — Miami, Baja California, the Caribbean, Cancun, and more. Often times, in the excitement of the prospect of going somewhere sunny and warm, we plan to maximize our enjoyment but forget to plan so that our environmental impact is minimal. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your trip and lessen your impact on the ocean and the environment!

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Shark Conservation Through Citizen Science

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We all know sharks are in trouble. For most of you, I probably don’t have to tell you that there are over 273 million sharks killed worldwide, which includes 100 million sharks dying for the ever so popular shark fin soup. Shark fin soup is not the only problem, a study estimating the number of shark deaths a year found that 1 in 15 sharks dies every year from fishing. That’s a staggering number!

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