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Ocean Talk: Are Public Aquariums Good For Ocean Conservation

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Aquariums are great tools for connecting the public with marine life and hopefully inspire people of all ages to take care of the Ocean and its species, but should aquariums be held to a higher standard when in comes to Ocean conservation efforts?

Public Aquariums: Do they do enough for Ocean Conservation

A couple of weeks ago, Speak Up For Blue contributor Rebecca Dolson examined this question in great detail. To sum up the article, it discussed issues such as the health of aquarium animals especially large animals like whale sharks and marine mammals (whales, dolphins, seals, and polar bears), and mentioned some of the programs offered by specific aquariums and zoos that were exceptional.

After I read this great article, I had a feeling that it would stir up some debate because some people love aquariums and others hate them because they don’t think animals should be locked up in a cage or a tank.

Of course, the purpose of aquariums is to educate the public on Ocean Species and habitats by bringing part of the Ocean to the public, but is that enough? Should aquariums go above and beyond their exhibits to go conduct Ocean Conservation in the sea?

These are some of the questions that we explore here on the first ever Ocean Talk, a show where we bring on guests to discuss Ocean Conservation related topics to help progress Ocean Conservation and bring you, our Ocean Leader Community, into the conversation!

Check out our first Ocean Talk on the issue of whether Public Aquariums should do more for Ocean Conservation.

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