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Leave Stingrays Alone

Parents, Teach Your Kids To Leave Stingrays Alone!!!

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There are a couple of videos that I came across on the internet today that really got me on a rant that I recorded for today’s podcast.

The first video is of a child near a shoreline feeding a stingray shrimp. The child pets the animal and even lifts up the front par to of the stingray to slid food towards its mouth on the underside. All of this is going on while the parents hand the child more shrimp to feed the stingray.

The second video is of a boy who wants to become the next Steve Irwin. The video is of the boy walking along an estuary when he comes across a few stingrays. He takes the stingrays OUT OF THE WATER to show the camera and speak to the audience to show the animal’s features. Taking the animal out of the water is taking away its oxygen supply.

The boy ends up finding a stingray that is giving birth. He pulls the animal out of the water, discovers the babies, and proceeds to pull all of the babies out of the mother by their tails.

In both of these situations, there are parents that are helping these kids touch the animals.

It’s time for parents and adults to teach kids to be kind to animals and leave them alone!!!

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