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Chasing Coral Reef Insurance

Chasing Coral: Can Insurance Companies Help Save Coral Reefs?

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Chasing Coral is a documentary movie that was released on Netflix that has taken many people aback at how climate change has impacted coral reefs around the world. It left many people depressed as they felt hopeless that they couldn’t do much about the dire situation. Innovation will help reduce climate change impacts, which comes with money.

A Swiss Insurance company is working on a pilot project with hotel owners to insure coral reefs that protect their shoreline. The Quintana Roo province in Mexico, the study area of the pilot project, gets hit by hurricanes and other major storms that can damage the coral reefs protecting the shoreline of the hotels.

Do you think this is the right project to help coral reefs?

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SUFB TV: Scott Pruitt Ignores EPA Scientists, Denies Climate Change

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Scott Pruitt, Head of the Environmental Protection Agency, went on CNBC to deny Carbon Dioxide caused by humans was affecting Climate Change.



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Vancouver will not be able to have Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises, etc.) in captivity after May 2018

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SUFB TV 011: Invasive Species: What To Do With Lionfish

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Once an invasive species has, well…invaded, initiatives are set in place to try and eradicate the species that doesn’t belong; however, what do we do about the Lionfish? Do we open fishing on Lionfish to eradicate them? After all, we are very good at over fishing?

What do you think we should do?

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