Chief Scientist Of Great Barrier Reef Foundation Ensures $443.3 M Is In Good Hands

By September 9, 2018 Coral Reef
Dr Peter J Mumby Justifies 443.3 M To Great Barrier Reef Foundation


The Great Barrier Reef Foundation recently received a whopping $443.3 million to help the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) adapt to climate change. 

Climate Change has taking its toll on the GBR destroying close to 90% of the reef through mass bleaching events. The Australian government trying to protect the reef by investing in its protection. However, there are some critics that believe the GBR Foundation is not capable or qualified to use/distribute the money.

Dr. Peter J. Mumby, who is an esteemed expert in Coral Reef Management in the face of climate change, was recently appointed as part-time chief scientist. He wrote an article in The Conversation, where he justifies why the foundation is well suited for this project.

Take a listen to the podcast as I discuss his reasons and why I feel better that Dr. Mumby is involved in this project.


Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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