SUFB 151: Climate Change and Over Fishing Killing Baby Sea Lions


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Climate Change & Over Fishing KILLING Baby Sea Lions

It’s the article you don’t want to read. I came across this article and saw three tiny baby Sea Lions in a cage travelling to the Pacific Marine Mammal Centre to get the care they need after being stranded due to malnutrition. The Problem? Their mother’s cannot produce the amount of milk necessary to feed them enough to grow the fat they need to survive in the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. Climate Change is thought to be one of the culprits of this malnutrition as it is forcing the sea lion’s prey species to move North into cooler waters. In addition, the sea lion’s favourite prey, the sardine, has undergone a collapse in population in 2012 due to over fishing.
What will happen to the Sea Lion babies that I saw in the article’s image? The Pacific Marine Mammal Centre will bring them back to health, but will eventually have to release them and that is a problem. Lack of food source and rapidly changing waters cannot be good for this sea lion population.
I do have a solution for the government. Take a listen to the podcast to find out what that solution is and let me know if you agree.


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