Climate Change – Don’t Believe The Senator with the Snowball

Climate Change deniers seem to be getting all of the press lately. Their claim: The Earth, and Oceans, is warming, but it’s not because of humans burning fossil fuels and adding extra carbon in the atmosphere. The deniers claim that this is the natural process of the Earth’s climate.

The problem with their claims is that it goes against an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence of the literature on the subject. The claims go against 97% of scientists from around the world. Many of the climate deniers that made the press as of late are politicians, who tend to be republican. The Republican Politicians try and get around answering why they deny scientific evidence of climate change by claiming “they are not scientists, this is just their opinion.” A ridiculous claim, but since it gets in the press and people will believe what they read and hear, whether it’s real or not.

Climate Change Denier and Republican Senator (Oklahoma) Inhofe thought that he could disprove climate change because there was snow in Washington, D.C.. He brought a snowball into the Senate and said he picked it up from outside because it was cold outside. He went on to say that it was unseasonably cold, which goes against the claim of the last 12 months (March 2014-February 2015) has been the warmest consecutive months in history. He said how could that be when he has a snowball in his hand.

He failed to mention the fact that other than the East coast of North America experiencing cold temperatures, the rest of the world is experiencing above average temperatures. It just goes to show how narrow minded some people can be about global issues such as climate change. It also scares me that politicians like Senator Inhofe are partly in charge of decisions made for the United States.

Luckily, Senator Whitehouse brought everyone to their senses when he brought some global data to the Senate the next day. He showed a picture of a NASA satellite showing the global temperatures for the last month. He mentioned that NASA are “serious” scientists that know their stuff and that he will believe serious NASA scientists before he believes the Senator with the Snowball! Senator Whitehouse went on to mention other serious departments like the Navy, Religious Factions, and Scientific Societies that also feel Climate Change is the number 1 threat to the US and the world and that people should believe them instead of the Senator with the Snowball.

It is good to remind ourselves that politicians who ignore scientific facts should not be taken seriously. In fact, those politicians that do deny climate change might be backed by private interest groups who would benefit from the lack of climate change policies (*cough oil and gas industry cough*).

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