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Climate Change’s Silent Killer

I came across an article a few hours ago that talked about a research project that observed how 5 islands within the chain of Solomon Islands were swallowed up by the sea. Luckily, these small islands were not inhabited by humans; however, the study also found 6 more islands had lost swaths of land to the sea where some villages were destroyed and had to move to a different place. They moved from an island where their family had lived for generations. I can’t imagine how devastating that would be for a family to pick up and move from a place they called home.

I was inspired by this article, as depressing as it is, to discuss the issue of sea level rise on this episode because I find people don’t take it seriously. It’s obviously a serious problem as more islands are facing a similar fate.

I cover why sea level is a problem and how/why it’s affecting these small islands. I also talk about how we need to work together, globally, as a species to combat climate change and help each other adapt to its consequences.


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