Coastal Development

Coastal Development can cause harm to important coastal habitats that are home to young fish and other animals.

What Is The Problem

Coastal habitats are being destroyed through sedimentation (the process by which a high amount of sediment is introduced to the coastal area), which subsequently smothers habitats such as seagrasses, coral reefs, and salt marshes. Habitats will die and the animals that inhabit them will disappear.

Why Is This A Problem

When developing coasts for tourism, such as building hotels and restaurants, humans alter the natural coastline, which provides nesting sites and other ecosystem functions to various marine creatures. The construction practice can add abnormal amounts of sediment to the coastal system smothering important habitats that harbour juvenile fish and invertebrates.

Who Is Responsible For The Problem

Land developers, contractors, and building departments that do not consider the environmental impacts of coastal development nearly enough.

Why Is This A Problem

This has been largely an issue in the 20th century due to the population boom causing further housing and tourist development along coasts.

How Do We Solve This Problem

Tighter regulations on construction need to be specially devised for coastal communities. 

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