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By February 18, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

The major reason why Speak Up for the Blue started was to reach out to individuals (scientists and non-scientists) to encourage them to Speak Up for Oceans and share their knowledge and experiences about them. Communication is the key to reaching people, but as I write posts and conduct interviews, I realize that I don’t really know I can reach and grab the interest of people about the Oceans. Promoting other Ocean Leaders allows me to see how other Ocean Leaders use various tools and media to promote their work on the Oceans, whether is be in the form of science, exploration, and/or art. The Ocean Leaders reach people in various ways.

I have a good friend of mine who is in business with which I share all my ideas. He always asks me the same question every time I tell him about an idea and when I told him about the concept of Speak Up for the Blue, he asked me “How does your message affect your market? In other words, what is the benefit of reading and listening to your site content?” As usual, I didn’t really have an answer because the impacts of Oceans may not always be immediate. Take Climate Change for instance and in particular sea level rise. In many areas around the world, sea level rise is not a priority because it is only predicted to occur in 5, 10, 50, 100 plus years from now. So how do you get people’s attention to listen to this. You can educate them about it and show simulations, but is that all it will be: Another Ocean message that we may not see in our lifetime. Of course, there are many areas around the world that are seeing the effects of sea level rise. Many small island nations are affected, but where is the evidence. I wish I can travel to these places and take video, but I can’t. Some Ocean messages may not be pertinent to the average individual.

The main messages about the Oceans come in the form of exploration as they capture the attention of individuals by showing captivating images and videos of different Ocean species and habitats. Does this work? Everyone loves to watch these types of images and videos, but is it effective in creating awareness of problems. Over the next while I will be researching the effectiveness of each communication and outreach efforts that are currently conducted because it is important for the future of the Oceans. People need to be aware and we must know how to communicate Ocean Conservation Effectively.

What are your thoughts on Ocean related communication? Share through the comments section below.

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    Just spent the evening with a group of teachers who are using this simple tool to communicate about our ocean planet to their students, who are spreading their stories all over the world.

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