Conserving the Oceans through Stories

By June 21, 2011Interviews
Ocean Story

Ocean Story

I always thought of Oceans in a scientific way, after all, I am a scientist. It was only in the past 5 years or so I started to really enjoy the Oceans for its cultural significance.  Ocean Story made me realize there are other factors that matter in Ocean Conservation. This interview will tell you the other factors.

Eye Opening

This interview with Samantha Edouardes, co-founder of Ocean Story, really opened my eyes and mind to how we need to to listen to other cultures and people in order to understand how to conserve the Oceans around the world. Ocean conservation is very complex. The solution to Ocean issues is NOT just scientific, but it is social and economic as well. This approach gives us the understanding that every place is unique and its solution depends on the specific social, economic, and scientific features of the place.

The Voyage

Samantha and her partner will embark of a voyage to almost 35 countries to learn about their cultures and how they interact with their environment. Ocean Story will then share these stories to broaden the knowledge of the rest of the world.

I learned quite a bit from this interview. One question I asked Samantha was: “Do the people living on islands want our help in cleaning the pollution up or do they want to do it themselves?” Watch the interview to hear her answer, it shocked me. Let me know if it shocked you too.

What is Your Ocean Story from Andrew Lewin on Vimeo.

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