David Shiffman Wants You to Help Save Sharks!

By January 28, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean Solutions

Shark finning is a huge problem around the world. Speak Up for the Blue has spent some time and a number of articles on the issue which seems to be a global problem. Well, now that we know the problem it’s time to act on it. Speak Up for the Blue’s Ocean Leader David Shiffman wants you and I to help protect sharks by supporting a bill that has been proposed in fornt of the Guam Senate. According to David, the bill is supposed to face strong opposition from the fishing industry, which has a strong voice. The bill will make possessing and selling shark fins illegal. This is a great bill. A law banning possession and selling of shark fins in Guam would be a great step in the right direction.

It’s time to step up and Speak Up for Sharks! We need to help save sharks from ending up in a soup. David gives perfect instructions on how you can send letters to the Guam government that will be read out in the Senate before debating on the bill. Click here to find out how you can save sharks!

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