Defending Shark Science Methods and Highlighting Success in Regulations

Shark Science Methods And Regulation Tools


Taking a conversation from the Facebook group to here in the podcast, I talk about why shark researchers catch sharks through a hook and a line. It’s a controversial issue that looks at what is best for the overall health of shark populations.

In the second half of the show I highlight some great conservation success stories that is hitting the media over the past week. I start by talking about the increase in juvenile white sharks in Southern California and the increase in humpback whale sightings in New York Harbour and of its coast. Two great conservation successes stemming from long term implementation and maintenance of some great regulations in the US, which confirms that need for implementing great, science-based policies that will protect the environment.

Head over to the Facebook Group as we chat about proposed regulations that may or may not help reduce our effect on Climate Change. This entire week, I’m going to be posting on different ways various governments have proposed to reduce climate change and whether they have worked. Come on over and help us out!

Enjoy the podcast!

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