Did A Humpback Whale Really Save A Marine Biology From A Tiger Shark? and other news…

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Marine Biologist Claims Humpback Whale Saved Her From A Tiger Shark, But Did It Really?

New agencies posted an article accompanied with a video where a Marine Biologist claims that a Humpback Whale saved her from an impending tiger shark attack. In the video, the whale is seen bumping the biologist forward and at one point she was swimming under its pectoral fin. The video only shows the biologist, Nan Hauser, up close with the whale. There is no point in the video where we see a tiger shark. Hauser surfaces near her boat to tell her friends/colleagues that there was a tiger shark close by. She says that the whale was protecting her from the tiger shark. Hauser was not hurt other than some cuts (from barnacles) and bruises (from being pushed by the massive whale).

Humpback whales are known for protecting marine mammals from predators. There is video evidence of seals riding on top of humpback whales as a pod of orcas trail it waiting for the seal to get back in the water. Other scientists have written papers about similar behaviour in the past.

However, some scientists cannot make the conclusion that the whale was protecting Hauser based on the video alone. Martin Biuw from the Institute of Marine Research in Norway explains that the whale could have exhibited protective behaviour if it was a female and recently lost a calf; however, there is no evidence that this occurred from the video.

Do you think the whale was protecting the Marine Biologist?

Trump Administration Gives State of Florida Exemption For Oil and Gas Exploration

At the beginning of the year, the Trump Administration announced it was going to have the largest lease sale in the history of the US as it opened up 90% of the US outer continental shelf to oil and gas exploration. Federal and State government representatives were shocked that their state waters were open for oil and gas. Florida Governor Scott made an announcement that he was going to meet with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to get Florida waters exempt…and he did.

Other States are now wondering why only Florida is exempt only a few days after the initial announcement was made. Zinke mentioned the exempt was given to maintain Florida’s tourism industry, but other States also have tourist industries. So what is REALLY going on here. Did Governor Scott get Florida exempt because it is a Republican State? Or did the Trump Administration not think this lease sale through fully and how individual states were going to react? I am sure it is a bit of both.

What are your thoughts?

Blue Crab Pee Makes Mud Crabs Stop In Their Tracks And Could Save Oysters In Georgia

Researchers have discovered that Mud Crabs will stop preying on Oysters once blue crabs start preying on Mud Crabs. The Mud Crabs detect specific chemicals within the Blue Crab urine that alert them they are in potential danger. The study further proves that the abundance of specific species are controlled by the presence/absence of their predators.

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