Discussing the Starving Polar Bear Video

Climate Change Starving Polar Bear


Polar Bears have been facing a number of challenges that have played a role in decreasing their global population in the Arctic Environment. Climate change and metal poisoning have been two of the top issues facing Polar Bears. We talk about climate change and its effect on Polar Bears almost every time we discuss the marine mammals. Of  course, there are still some people who don’t think Climate Change is causing any problem to Polar Bears or any other species for that matter.

Environmental Documentary Photographer, Paul Nicklen, released a video and photos of a Polar Bear on its last legs this past week and tied the dying condition to climate change. Nicklen intended for the piece to inspire people to change their behaviour to reduce/eliminate climate change; however, not everybody agreed. 

So it’s time to discuss this matter on the podcast!

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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