SUFB 059: Divers and Snorklers Take Part In The Great Victorian Fish Count

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To those of you who have stayed with us throughout the week, you all deserve a huge gold star filled with chocolate. Andrew and I know it’s been one bad story after another this week, but today we’re excited to announce that we will not be talking about starving seals, dam collapses, or harmful algal blooms. Today, my friends, we will be covering the Great Victorian Fish Count.

What sounds like the next Wes Anderson movie is actually a large-scale citizen science project off the coast of Australia. Each year, Victoria’s National Parks Association asks divers to record their observations along the coastline in order to better monitor its marine habitats. This year, the GVFC goes from November 21st to December 6th, and is specifically focused on tracking shifts in the distribution of species like the whitebarred boxfish, the spotted grubfish, and short boarfish. For more information on this event, check out the GVFC’s website here.

These types of citizen science campaigns are extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. For the researchers coordinating these studies, it’s basically a way to great free data. However, it also is a way for scientists to connect with the public and share their research in a way that few other studies allow. For citizen scientists, it’s a way to contribute to the scientific body of knowledge without forking over a hundred thousand dollars in grant money. And so because we’re coming up on Thanksgiving here in the states, I want to end this post with a thank you. Thanks to everyone who contributes to the scientific community, either through citizen science campaigns, through their profession, or through interdisciplinary collaborative efforts. Thanks to everyone who has spent a morning or afternoon doing a beach clean up, planting grasses, or otherwise volunteering their time to protect our natural habitats.

Thanks to everyone who downloads and listens to our podcast, who reads these episode summaries, who follows us on social media and passes us along to their friends and family. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and Sea Turtles Forever by purchasing ocean swag from our online shop. Thanks to all of our guests who have taken time out of their day to speak with us about ocean-related topics. Finally, thank you to all who support us and support our ocean. As this week has shown, some days it’s not a pretty or glamorous task. But we protect it so that, years from now, there will be enough fish off the coast of Victoria to host a 2152 Great Victorian Fish Count.

Enjoy the Podcast!

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