Does Sam (Malone) have the Plan to Save the Oceans?!?!

By March 16, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean Solutions

This week I am talking about the Ocean Management and how we can plan for the Oceans and to protect its resources and ensure our uses are sustainable. Well, I will take a break from my agenda and talk about a plan to save the Oceans by none other than Ted Danson…the man who played an awesome character in Cheers, Sam Malone. Ted is an avid Ocean Advocate and and Conservationist that works with Oceana to better protect the Oceans.

I really appreciate, as a Marine Ecologist, what Ted is doing. He is a regular guy – by regular I mean a non-scientist – who educated himself by talking and listening to scientists about the manners in which individuals can save the Oceans. He didn’t go to school to study marine biology, but he spoke to scientists and conservation practitioners such as managers, lawyers, and advocates and decided to SPEAK UP for the BLUE! I admire everything that Ted is doing including his thoughts on how individuals can save the Oceans

In an interview with Matt Lauer, Ted suggests that people need to become global advocates for the Oceans because the Oceans not only occupy 71% of the Earth, but they are also connected. The pollution we inject on our shores can be seen on the other side of the world. A great, but horrific example is the recent Earthquake and ensuing Tsunami that hit Japan. The Tsunami was felt across the Pacific Ocean less than 24 hours after it hit Japan. Ted goes on to explain that a global advocate should contact, support, or join efforts with groups like Oceana to take a united approach in voicing your opinion about the care and state of our Oceans around the world. What else can you do?

Easy: Learn, Listen, and Speak Up to save the Oceans. We are living in a world where anyone has a global voice. We can create a website in minutes and start writing our opinions. We can post photos, videos, and conduct podcasts on things that we see happening to the Oceans. It is easy to have a voice in today’s society and with a little learning, listening, and Speaking UP, we can change the way we treat our Oceans.

Ted Danson mentions a few tips on how to practice Ocean saving methods. Ask for FDA list of fish species we are allowed to eat so that we can avoid eating fish with little to no mercury (also check out the Seafood Watch Program from Monterey Bay Aquarium). Ted also suggests to go to to see how you can help and support their efforts to better manage the Oceans. One last thing you can do according to Ted. You can donate to any Ocean focused organization that strives to save the Oceans through better management.

I would like to know what you think you can do to save the Oceans. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section or email me at alewin (at)

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  • Ed Kobrinski says:

    To overcome the self-centeredness and self-absorption we have as humans, we should embark on a campaign to rename our planet. It’s not correct to refer to our planet as Earth if 71% of it is covered by water! The campaign to do so would be a gargantuan effort, but what fun we could have, naming contests, comedic help from hosts of late-night talk shows, debates in Congress, heck, even the UN! Think of all of the changes we would need to make with references to Mother Earth complemented by reference to Mother Sea, maybe Father Sea, to balance Yin and Yang.

    Think about the possibilities.

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