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Don’t Find Dory

I can’t wait for the Sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’ entitled “Finding Dory.” It’s a great set of movies that are entertaining and full of marine conservation messages.

However, Finding Nemo caused a bit of a surprised effect on will populations of Clownfish (the species of the Nemo and his father). Everyone wanted Nemo in their tanks at home. Currently, 1,000,000 clownfish are plucked out of the sea and exported around the world causing local extinctions in parts of the Philippines, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

Conservationists are now worried about the impact of Finding Dory on the Royal Blue Tang populations (the species of Dori) as the species are not captive-bred like the clownfish and are harder to care for in a saltwater aquarium setting.

Karen Burke da Silva, associate professor at Flinders University in South Australia co-found the Saving Nemo Conservation Fund to help raise awareness of the pressure the Clownfish faces and avoid the same plight of the blue tang.

There is a campaign to get Ellen DeGeneres’ attention on the matter (she plays the voice of Dory and is a strong Ocean Advocate), to raise awareness of the impact on collecting this beautiful species can have on its population around the world.

Check out the podcast for more information on how you can help using the hashtag #fishkiss4Nemo.


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