Carl Safina’s Way of Breaking Out into New Circles

By December 21, 2010 November 2nd, 2011 Ocean Solutions
Carl Safina - Speak Up for Blue Ocean Leader
Carl Safina - Speak Up for Blue Ocean Leader

Dr. Carl Safina is an Ocean Scientits, an Author, and a Visionary for the World's Oceans

Carl Safina is a visionary, a writer, and an oceanographer. He communicates marine science to anyone who will listen through his books.

So Why Should We Care About Carl Safina

Because we, as strivgin Ocean Leaders, can learn from one of the best. Carl is first and foremost an Ocean Scientist specializing in the study of birds. He doesn’t have to write books or take videos to make other people aware of the plight of the Oceans. He could have a successful career as a professor…but he doesn’t. You want to know why? His passion for Ocean Conservation is too large, that’s why!

I’ve seen Carl Safina speak once at a conference and once online during the TEDxOilSpill talks earlier this year. During his TEDxOilSpill presentation, he told a story of a dolphin that he and a tour operator discovered swimming by their boat in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill. The dolphin was swimming towards to their boat covered in oil. Carl remembered seeing the dolphin struggling to swim. And trying to choke back his tears, Carl had a difficult time saying the next few words: He said the tour operator said It looked as though the dolphin was asking for our help.

When I hear a grown man and a scientist try and choke back tears due to a story about a dying dolphin, I get inspired. Carl breaks down the objective barrier that scientists are taught to build and allows his emotions to drive his passion for Ocean Conservation. As a scientist myself, I often get emotional when I see blatent disregard for the Ocean environment like we all witnessed during the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

So, we should learn to take our passion, as scientists and non-scientists, and use it to spread our messages about Ocean Conservation. This is a true way of becoming a great Ocean Leader

Carl has a new book coming out called The View from Lazy Point: A Natural Year from an Unnatural world. Carl speaks on the book “Environmentalism is not about conserving nature in opposition to people; it’s about trying to protect what’s vulnerable. That extends to vulnerable people as much as it does to vulnerable wildlife and vulnerable habitats.”

Read the Excellent Review here and visit Carl’s website here

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