Dr. Sylvia Earle Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

By February 1, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

I wasn’t when Charlotte Vick, editor of Google Earth Ocean Layer, told me Dr. Sylvia Earle was to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2011 US National Conference on Science, Policy, and the Environment. Why? Dr. Earle is an inspiration to all Ocean Leaders out there as well as future Ocean Leaders. Her genuine love for the Ocean and lifetime dedication to protecting them makes me feel that we should all help Dr. Earle achieve her dream to protect the Oceans. She is a great Speaker for the Blue as you immediately detect her passion for the Oceans. I had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia face to face last year at the Oceans Week Conference in Washington, D.C. and I was overwhelmed at her level of passion when we were speaking of Hope Spots. She is unequivocally the most dedicated Ocean Leader I have met today. The question is: How do we follow in the path for which she has laid for others to become Ocean Leaders?

Once you are inspired by Dr. Earle, you want to do similar things. Although we all can’t hop in a submarine and dive over 3,000 meters in the Ocean, we certainly can help save the Oceans by doing simple things. Firstly, we can listen to Dr. Earl, read her books, and watch her television programs and movies. Dr. Earle is not only a scientist, but she is a great speaker too. You can speak to other people about Dr. Earle and watch the television shows and movies with your kids. You can learn how to live a more sustainable life, which will protect our waterways that empty into the Oceans. There are many things that you can do so sta tuned to Speak Up for the Blue to find out what they are!

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