Effectiveness of Personal Conservation Voyages

By January 17, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News

I recently saw a post on Andrew Thaler’s Southern Fried Science blog today. Andrew poses the question of whether the voyage on which Roz Savage embarked, rowing across the Pacific to discover a relationship with the Ocean, garners support for Ocean Conservation. It’s a terrific question. Does the voyage directly conserve the Ocean? Probably not; however, is it an interesting story that may intrigue people who would like to listen to the story? I think so. The voyage is an adventure. Roz was a marketing executive that one day decided she wanted to do some more adventurous. I’m sure many people could relate to working in an unsatisfied job with having dreams of taking off to live on an island.

Roz mentions one of her stops, the island of Tarawa, between Hawai’i and Australia. The island is very low lying, which means the average elevation of the island is not much above sea level. Tarawa is under serious threat from sea level rise and their exit strategy is to move the 100,000 population of the island will have to relocate to Australia or New Zealand. This is a very dim outlook and Tarawa is not the only island in this situation.

So I encourage to you listen to Roz’s TED Talk below or on the Southern Fried Science blog and comment on the questions on the SFS blog. SPEAK UP! and let the discussion begin!

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