Fabien Cousteau is Speaking Up for Bimini!

By January 19, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News

You should too! Bimini Island is in trouble as developers are destroying critical habitat which creates the beauty and wonders of Bimini for tourists and locals. The Save Bimini Association is a collective of those individuals dedicated to the preservation of Bimini’s delicate ecological environment. The organization is concerned that the big resorts with golf courses will strip the Island of it’s resources, beauty, and wonder and with cause the local people to move from the island.

Fabien Cousteau and the Ocean Futures Society presents a short documentary called “Paradise in Peril”. The movie provides a visual pictures of the devastation that has already occurred and the devastation the is planned for the future.

Visit The Save Bimini Association and find out how you can help!

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