Fish Eye Project with Mike Irvine (SUFB 179)

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Mike Irvine broke down barriers and opened up an entire new life of underwater education to millions of people.

When I was a kid, I always dreamed of going on an adventure as an explorer/marine biologist under water via SCUBA diving to discover new species and habitats and speak to the world…underwater. The imagination of a kid is amazing, right?

I never thought it would happen until I came across one of the craziest stories I’ve ever read. There was a guy, a Canadian guy, who was going to defend his Masters thesis…UNDERWATER! How the hell was he going to do that? And why didn’t I do that?!?!?

Mike Irvine was that guy and he successfully defended his Masters thesis with his unprecedented method. He continues to speak to people underwater about the ocean and its species and habitats and recently broke another barrier by presenting an Oceans Day live dive in an IMAX theatre (my mind = BLOWN!).

I got to chat with Mike on this episode of the Speak Up For Blue Podcast. Mike is a passionate guy who really enjoys teaching people about the Ocean and reconnecting them with the underwater. So much so that people are inspiring to dive to do their own exploration of the Ocean!

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