Florida Land Based Shark Fishing Policy Changes With Dr. David Shiffman

By June 1, 2018 Sharks
Sharks Fisheries Florida Land Based


Dr. David Shiffman stops by the podcast to discuss something that is very important to him and to sharks in Florida State Waters. He talks to us about Land based shark fishing in Florida and how the State is considering policy changes to the laws to ensure sharks are adequately protected. 

David also talks about how enforcement of the current laws are lacking to the point where one man, who volunteers with the government to do shark tagging, have broken the law on multiple occasions by taking photos holding sharks out of the water to post the images on social media. The media has written about him, but not for the reasons you might think. They are writing about how good he looks, due to his physique, instead of the laws that he has broken. 

Listen to how you can have your voice heard during the future public comment period. 

Enjoy The Podcast!!!

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