Florida To Implement Better Shark Protections In Angling

By February 12, 2019 Sharks
New shark angling rules will put halt to shark selfies

Florida loves to fish! They love to fish for sharks from the beach. It’s quite popular to fish for sharks from the beach in many parts of Florida. The fishing practice is a bit controversial as many anglers have been taking selfies with the sharks they catch.

Why is that so controversial? The fishers are excited about what they caught. They followed the rules, for the most part; however, the act of taking a selfie many not be allowed anymore because it is not good for the shark.

The big problem with taking a photo with sharks on the beach is that the anglers will drag the sharks out of the water and hold them there for the perfect shot. sharks need water to breathe; therefore, holding the shark out of the water is torturing them.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has taken the advice by various shark scientists, policy makers and the conservation community and are getting ready to accept and implement rules of no photography of sharks after the catch.

Take a listen to the episode for my thoughts on the matter and the challenges that come with this type of rule.

Note: Click here to listen to Dr. David Shiffman speak on why the rules are so important.

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