Get Out and Conserve the Ocean with Jock Mackenzie – Part 1

By July 25, 2011 Interviews

Mangrove Watch is not only a program that allows individuals and communities interested in helping the Ocean, but it helps Ocean Scientists collect massive amounts of data to process and answer important scientific and conservation contests. As far as I see it, Mangrove Watch solves 2 major problems in science: 1) There is not enough people to help collect data around the world; and, 2) People don’t connect with the Oceans enough.

The program attracts coastal communities and interested individuals around the world to help scientists collect data. The best part of it…ANYONE can do it! You don’t have to be a scientist to collect data. You can conduct the field work with family, friends, and/or people you meet through the program. This is YOUR chance to help save the Ocean using hands on scientific approaches.

The more time you spend in the Ocean, the more connected you will feel, which will lead to a more passionate outlook on the Ocean. Jacques-Yves Cousteau once said “We protect what we love”. Well, we protect the things in which we are connected.

I interviewed the coordinator, Jock Mackenzie, last week so that I can introduce the Mangrove Watch program to you. Here is the first part of a 6 part interview. At the end of this interview I wanted to start my own Mangrove Watch program. I hope you do too. If you do, contact me and we can discuss how to implement the program in your area.

Enjoy the interview. Here is the MP3 file.

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